Imagine a vacation where you come home feeling HEALTHIER, STRONGER, LEANER and all around more BAD-ASS! Now imagine that vacation with 10-12 new friends that share your passion for life, adventure, and fitness.

Destino Retreats provides a hassle-free escape to various locations around the world. With competitions, skills training, seminars, beastly WOD's, and paleo meals, this is a dedicated athlete's dream. Life needs balance and at Destino you'll find that we have brought together everything that our community values. Be ready to Drink Hard, Laugh Hard and WOD Hard. Pick your location. Sign up. Show up. Then it's just 3,2,1...GO!!!







Ty graduated with honors from Barry University with a degree in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training, has taught collegiate level courses in this field and has worked as Head Athletic Trainer for a championship high school in the Miami area. The transition to personal training in 2003 brought her to northern California. In 2009 she discovered CrossFit and has devoted herself to the sport ever since.

Since discovering CrossFit Ty has participated in numerous competitions and attended multiple certifications in order to better develop herself as both an athlete and a coach. She made it her goal to learn, train, and push herself so that she may know first hand how to better help others. Using her background in Sports Medicine, she puts an extreme focus on form and body alignment ensuring that your body works in the most efficient manner for the exercise at hand therefore making it more beneficial. Ty wants your body working FOR you and wants you getting the most out of every movement at every moment.

Ty has always longed to be able to combine her passion for fitness with her insatiable desire to see the world. Having taken extensive vacations around the world but finding it difficult to maintain regular workouts and proper nutrition, she knew there was a space to be filled in the industry. Vacations should be fun, memorable, and guilt-free. Destino is the culmination of wanting to engage others in learning about the capability of their bodies, share with others incredible destinations around the world, and wanting to raise a glass to toast life in the presence of good company.


B.S. Sports Medicine/Athletic Training
National Athletic Training Association Board
CPR/First Aid for the Professional Rescuer
Crossfit Level 1
Crossfit Olympic Lifting
USAW Olympic Lifting
Crossfit Power Lifting
Crossfit Football


Tovah will be the one handling most of the behind the scenes efforts for Destino. Trouble-shooting, researching, negotiating and figuring shit out. A crossfitter with an emphasis on having fun both in and out of the box, she will always be around to provide a great energy and infectious laugh. Her inquisitive nature, love of people, culture, traveling, and her wildly passionate approach to everything fits ideally with the Destino Mantra. If there are any logistical questions before, during, or after an excursion, please do not hesitate to send it to Tovah. She will ensure your next trip with Destino will be worry-free and memorable.




° 4 Star Lodging
° 2 WOD's Per Day
° Transportation to/from all WOD's
° Competitive Pop Challenges
° Skill Sessions
° 2-3 Paleo Meals Per Day
° Throw-down vs. Hosting Affiliate
° Organized Group Activities
° Margarita Night
° Fitmark Goodie Bag
° And Much More





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Ty Texidor

Tovah Rendlich









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